does anyone know of a ureologist or physician in Hawai for injectab?2014.03.25. // Uncategorized

I’m new here and having problems locating someone to presribe one of the injectables. I’m sure that would be the logical next step for me.
The pills just don’t produce a good erection. I’d like to know if someone has found something to increase sensitivity; I have a hard time reaching ejaculation.

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If you wife/lover is supportive, tell them it may help you if they stroke your ego before the stroke your tool!!! E.D. is predominately an problem in the U.S. just as hypertension, high blood pressure, and just stress in general. I am not a Doctor, but do have E.D. and in the past this usually helped.

To have an Erection is a complex series of chemical occurances that take place.
If you have poor self esteem, or stressed out, or sleep deprived, or depressed you body all but stops making Testosterone. Even if you take a shot, viagra 100mg, cialis or patch, to add testosterone to your body, it probably will not help as you also have to have stimili to pleasure centers in the brain or your tool just will not work. For a young man in his 20′s seeing a naked beauty queen is enough to get these pleasure centers firing to the proper place. For a depressed, or sleep deprived man {working two full time jobs to pay for mistakes in his past} this naked beauty queen just is not enough.
I am recently divorced from a high maintinance woman, and very depressed because of he financial mess my marriage left me in. Now I am permenately laid off too. Bills are stacking up!!!
Sometime ago my doctor prescibe Zoloft as a antidepressant. This affected my prostate very badley. Also when I saw my girlfriend {long distance relationship} she was very supportive with my E.D. She poked my Tool in her muffin with her finger, and then caressed me and said nice things to stroke my ego, usually I am going to BLOW a load from that. But the antidepresants inhibited my orgasm. No more Zoloft for me!!! I have had better days!!!

Well try the ego stroking, you do not have anything to lose. If anyone has any pearls of wisdom for me, I am all ears!!!

Stess is my demon, I have a birthmark on my forehead that only shows when I am stressed. When I was young I had to be really angry for it to be seen. Today, it looks like it is going to pop off my head!!! I have hypertension very much. Cardura helps with my ticker, but not with my pecker!!!

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At 60 you swing into a lot of different things going on in your body. I was having trouble with erections not lasting long enough for either of us to get satisfaction. We hurried to finish. Nerve damage hits erections, taste, touch, smell, hearing, etc. Your T level drops.

Your T level is probably low and you need to buy a book, “The Testosterone Syndrome”, Dr. Eugene Shippen, $14.95 at B&N. You should know what happens with TRT and the improvement to expect. It is significant. After a few weeks I was watching girls walking ahead of me and bouncing down the stairs like never before. It was almost like a shock but no erection. Interest or libido goes way up. I have been on TRT via hormone pellets since 1991 and at 76 will not give them up.
Read the book to find out why. It is tough to find a good hormone pellet doctor.

TRT is not a cure for age related ED. The pills were not available when I started TRT and thought my ED was cured. After several weeks my T level stabilized above 800 and my ED returned. Pills help poor performing nerves essential for erections to perform better until they can’t anymore. Then it is time for TRIMIX.

Developed and pioneered by Dr. Irwin Goldstein, Boston Univ. I traveled to Boston and began trimix injection therapy. It is a syringe inserted in the side of the penis and it feels like a pin prick but the results will convince you that is not a problem. Get a sample injection by making an appointment with a uro that provides injection therapy, using trimix. Ask before the appointment.

The erection is firm enough to hang a towel on and better than when you were a teen. It lasts for more than 2 hours if you choose to inject that much.

Now at 76 the sensitivity of the penis has diminished. TRIMIX still works as good as it did in 1992. I can still masturbate but we cannot reach satisfaction with intercourse as the friction is not enough for either of us.

The wife can no longer reach satisfaction in any way and it mad at God for taking it away.

Getting old is bad but keep fighting it.

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but definitely go to a urologist to figure out what’s going on. We can help only so much. What type of medication? Even if it’s an SSRI (mental health issue) or heart meds, there may be alternatives with out the ED side-effects. Even if there’s no way around the ED side effects, maybe cialis or best sildenafil citrate 100mg or levitra can help you. Go to your doctor to discuss these options.

sildenafilcitrate100mgJust as a side note, you mentioned premature ejaculation (PE). I have that to. It sounds iron, but up to 30% of guys with PE also have E.D. My doctor explained to me that because guys with ED have a tendancy to over stimulate themselves trying to maintain their erection, they tend to hit their point of “no return” (i.e., orgasm) quicker than guys without ED or PE. This becomes a habit over time. PE can be over come with patients and different “stop-start” techniques. There are books on it, or some good information on website (but don’t buy those pills or gels that say they cure PE)….

i’m 38 and have had ED and PE for a long time…i’ve been to many urologist and have many tests and have tried just about every treatment and have done a lot of my own independent research…. my diagnosis is penile fibrosis causing venous leakage (it’s an outflow problem, not an inflow problem). If you do a search under my name “ecgnyc” on this support forum, you can see other postings of mine.

Hope this helps…i can answer any other questions you might have…but just want to stress this GO TO A PROFESSIONAL TO DISCUSS YOUR PROBLEM (i.e., A UROLOGIST)

Hi, I use a 30 gage needle with my Trimix2013.06.11. // Uncategorized

I’ve tried the 29 gage needle, and it hurts way too much for me! I’ve also used Prostaglandin, and it caused so much pain that I didn’t even want to have sex! The Trimix doesn’t seem to do that to me.

Tom K.

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with errection becasue of medication I know I need to take. My penis does get hard but does not hold it hardness ans smany times dosn’t. I also have issues with being able to ejaculate so soon that i dont even know its goona happen, and its over. Do i belong can others in thsi group help me?

True, I was put on Androgel2011.04.16. // Uncategorized

and then compounded T cream about 3 years ago. We then checked PSA every 4 months, to be sure. When it began to rise, too rapidly, and DRE was negative, we biopsied, and discovered early prostate cancer. PCa is not caused by T, but it fuels the fire so to speak. So, all in all, the supplementation probably facilitated an early diagnosis, and perhaps indirectly a life saver for me. PSAs still undetectable 2+ years later, after a prostatectomy.

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a day for 1yr 8 mnths.or maybe a yr. more. my uroligist claims testing a man for testosterone in his later just good as a guide to your present personality compared to what it was.i think they should take the test at 25 yrs. to compaRE IN LATER YRS.i was an iron worker-rigger. then management.when i went to the dr. about e.d.i had a broken arm that healed wrong .thats when the asked me to use androgel.i am just like i used to be.i am 72 yrs. old 5-8-157 lbs. but viagra will work now. when testosterone was low it did not.i can understand if a person was a mild person and now he is not. i just know i do not want to go off androgel.

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Can you get androgel otc or do you need a perscription?